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Turbine Digital FZ-LLC (hereinafter referred to as "Turbine", "we", "us" or "our") is a digital media company owning and operating the Platform.

This privacy policy (the “Policy”) will explain to YOU the manner and the purpose for which we will be using YOUR Personal Information (hereinafter defined). If YOU disagree with any part of this Policy, please do not create an Account or deactivate YOUR Account and immediately stop accessing the Platform.


In this Policy, undefined capitalized terms shall have the definition ascribed to them in our Terms of Use (

"Personal Information" shall for the purpose of this Policy be defined as the information about a person who either from such information alone or in association with other information that is in is or can be identified, or is likely to come into, the possession of Turbine.

"Aggregated Information" shall for the purpose of this Policy be defined as the information about specific groups or user categories together combined in a manner that does not identify or refer to an individual user.

1. Information that YOU are providing

By using the Platform, YOU are providing information that will be gathered, processed and stored by Turbine.

Such information gathering (by way of example) takes place whenever YOU fill in any form on the Platform, link YOUR account to a third-party website to YOUR Account (in such an event we may gather Personal Information provided by YOU to third party websites), and whenever YOU access or use the Platform, or communicate with other users.

Gathered information may include but not limited to information about YOUR location, IP addresses or GPS location. Turbine may also receive, store and process any/all Log Data (Please note that Turbine servers may record Log Data automatically even if YOU are not registered or logged in to YOUR Account (including but not limited to IP address, time and date of access, hardware/software used by YOU, pages visited, clicks, and time spent on specific pages).

2. Cookies and other Tracking Technologies

By accessing or using the Platform YOU are making available to Turbine and to Turbine’s business partners, and their respective directors, agents representatives, and employees certain information (including but not limited to “Personal Information”. YOU are hereby made aware that Turbine uses cookies and other similar technologies, such as mobile application identifiers, on the Platform. YOU are also made aware and YOU accept that Turbine business partners will also be given the right by Turbine to use their cookies and other tracking technologies. If YOU do not agree on the use of Cookies by Turbine or by Turbine’s business partners YOU may disable the usage of Cookies through YOUR browser settings.

3. Third-party social plugins

The Platform may use social plugins, provided and operated by third parties. When YOU are logged into YOUR Account with such social plugin, the party operating such social plugin may be able to link information about YOUR visit to our Platform to YOUR Account with that third-party. Also, Turbine’s interaction with the social plugin may be recorded by such third-party. Turbine advises YOU to refer to the third party's privacy policy to know about its data practices and how they data/information collected by them.

Using and Processing Communications

Turbine will not review, scan, analyze, or sell Personal Information YOUR communications for sending third party marketing messages to YOU, nor sell such information to third parties.

How YOUR Information Will be Processed and Used by Turbine

Turbine will store, process and use information (including but not limited to Personal Information) for the purpose of i) improving, and protecting the Platform, ii) conducting analytics, research, to personalize and customize Platform users experience, iii) for marketing reasons, to allow YOU to access and use of the Platform, iv) to send YOU service, support and messages, notices, reminders, updates, and information and v) to protect the platform against fraud and for legal and compliance reasons.

Disclosing and Sharing of Personal Information

When YOU use the Platform, parts of YOUR public profile page (including Personal Information) may to the extent necessary to operate and manage the services provided by Turbine over the Platform be viewable by other users. Also, information such as YOUR location, YOUR calendar availability, YOUR public profile photo and YOUR earlier campaigns, as well as aggregated demand information may be viewable by other users.

When a Brand Owner sends a Brief to an Influencer, the targeted Influencer will have access to some of Brand Owner’s Personal Information and the Brand Owner will have access to some of the Influencers Personal Information.

Turbine may link YOUR Account to third party social plugins, and may publish some of the information acquired from linking to YOUR social plugins accounts, and other Turbine users may be able to see any common friends that YOU or YOUR friends may have. YOUR activities on the Platform may also be displayed to YOUR friends on the Platform and/or third party websites. YOU hereby agree that the information YOU provide to Turbine from the linking of YOUR accounts may be stored, processed and transmitted.

YOU further acknowledge and agree that Turbine may share or give access to YOUR Personal Information with third party service providers (such as technology services and services to help verify YOUR identification, to otherwise assist us with fraud prevention and risk assessment, to assist us with customer service, and to facilitate the payments or reimbursements requests) always limited purpose of the services to be provided.

Turbine may also disclose, publish, use and authorize the use of aggregated information and non-personal information for marketing, advertising, analysis and demographic profiling, and other business purposes.

Google Maps/Earth mapping services.

Turbine uses Google Maps/Earth mapping services. YOUR use of Google Maps/Earth is subject to Google's terms of use ( Google's privacy policy (, as may be amended by Google from time to time.

Securing Personal Information

Turbine is and will be applying customary industry practices to secure YOUR Personal Information against unauthorized access, destruction or alteration. However, no method of transmission or storing electronic information, can be totally secure. YOU hereby agree and acknowledge that Turbines shall in connection to any breach of privacy and/or Personal Information or information (in general) not be held liable as long as such a breach is not a direct result of Turbine’s gross negligence or willful misconduct.

Changes to Policy

Turbine reserves its right to amend/change this Policy at any time and without prior notice, and at Turbine’s sole discretion. In the event Turbine makes material changes to the Policy, will notify YOU by either posting the changed Policy on the Platform. YOU are hereby advised to visit and read the Policy anytime YOU visit this Platform.

It's important that YOU review the changed Policy. If YOU do not wish to agree to the changed Policy, then YOU should stop accessing the Platform and deactivate YOUR Account. If YOU need information about how to deactivate YOUR Account, please contact Turbine through the hereunder email (provided in Contact Us).

Contact Us

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