Payment Policy

Product Pricing
Influencers pricing range :
Method of Payment
  • “We accept payments online using Visa and MasterCard credit/debit card in AED , USD & Euro
Payment Method & flow


What Advertisers can do on Turbine:

  • Create an account in Turbine platform to use the platform upon Turbine Admin approval
  • Create a campaign within Turbine with a brief to include their camapign objectives
  • Search for influencers & select the influencers that would share with them their brief
  • Add their payment details ( Bank Account, Credit/Debit Card) in order to activate the campaign
  • Advertisers will receive suggested Influencers posts, and review its content 
  • Advertiser can Approve the Influencer Post to be published on Influencer Social Channel, reject the Influencer Post, or Buy The Influencers Post content
  • Incase the Advertiser Approve the Influencer Post to be published on Influencer Channel accordingly the Advertiser would be charged for the Influencer Post cost that been set-up by Influencer
  • Incase the Advertiser wants to acquire the Influencer Post content only to publish this content on Advertiser's own media channels , accordingly Advertisers would be charged for the Influencer Post acquisition cost that been set-up by Influencer
  • Incase the Advertiser rejected the Influencer Post , then Advertisers will NOT be charged 
  • Turbine Admin would receive the Advertiser Payment to release it to influencer once camapign finished 

What Influencers can do on Turbine:

  • Can sign-up into Turbine to use the platform upon Turbine admin approval
  • Influencers would receive campaign briefs from Advertisers directly into their Turbine Account
  • Can respond to campaign brief with suggested Posts 
  • Influencer would set up his/her rate as following : Cost-Per-Post, Cost-Per-Engagement, Cost-Per-Acquisition 
  • Influencers would be notified once their post get approved by Advertiser to post on their social channels
  • Once camapign finished Influencers would be notifiied confirming on their payment transferred to their associated Bank Account registered at Turbine Platform
Delivery/Shipment Policy
  • ( will NOT deal or provide any services or products to any of OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctions countries in accordance with the law of UAE”.
  • Multiple shipments/delivery may result in multiple postings to the cardholder’s 
Refund & Cancelation Policy
  • Refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment.
  • Incase the Advertiser buy an Influencer post on Cost-Per-Engagement buying model and the Influencer didn't deliver the requested number of engagements that Advertiser set in their brief; accordingly Turbine would calculate the actual number of engagements to charge the Advertiser and refund the remaining amount to the Advertiser. 
  • Incase the Advertiser buy the influencer post on Cost-Per-Post, and the Influencer didn't post within the specified dates that been requested by Advertiser; accordingly Turbine Admin would refund the full amount of the Post to the advertiser
Claims and dispute between Turbine and its clients
  • Turbine would charge Advertisers upon their approval of Influencers' post
  • Incase of refund, Advertisers would receive their refund payment 30 Days from Turbine approval on the amount to be refunded
  • Influencers would receive their payment from Turbine after 60 Days from camapign end date upon Advertsier confirmation on delivery as per camapign brief
  • Incase Influencers did not publish the advertiser approved post and/or removed it before camapign end date then Influencers will not receive any payments from Turbine. In such case, the total amount will be refunded to Advertiser by Turbine Admin