About us

A Dubai based company licensed under : TURBINE DIGITAL FZ-LLC

Turbine is a new breed of media platforms based on social creativity and instant marketing. It connects brands with creative social media fans and influencers who share their moments and stories about advertisers' campaigns. Turbine aims to build a meaningful relationship between brands and people; it utilizes the suggested shared content reflecting the real spontaneous moments of social creators' posts that enhance their authenticity among their friends and fans. Turbine mechanincs enable you as advertisers to measure interactions around ideas and moments shared among brands and subscribers.


Our proprietary technology enables you as advertisers to connect with social influencers and interact with a wider fan base. Brands can search for and select social influencers based on data and deep insights about their social profiles.This filtration is done through Turbine's algorithms that suggest the influencers most relevant to the campaign objectives.


We support you as advertisers to create content and ideas for your branding campaign through the suggested content of expressed interests and ideas of influencers' creative minds. Turbine enables advertisers to track interactions and measure results of their campaign's posts over social influencers' social media channels.


Our vision is to innovate in the digital advertising space through enabling advertisers to take part in influencers' moments. They will be able to grow their brands and creative ideas around influencers' social connections. Our mission is to bridge the gap between creativity and science to unleash the power of social experience which would benefit advertisers of all sizes.